What is a Class Action Pharmaceutical Lawsuit?

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A class-action lawsuit comes about when a large number of people who have suffered a similar harm, such as from a defective product or defective drug, join together to sue an entity, company, organization, or individual. Class action pharmaceutical lawsuits fall under the umbrella of mass tort liability. These types of class action suits can take a long time to resolve, either via settlement or trial, especially when a great deal of scientific investigation needs to be done. An experienced drug recall lawyer can assist you with your case, help you to maximize the value of your case, and get you the compensation you deserve.

Who is Involved in a Class Action Pharmaceutical Lawsuit?

Class-action pharmaceutical lawsuits typically involve individuals (i.e. plaintiffs) from across the country. The plaintiffs in a class-action pharmaceutical lawsuit are not limited to just one geographical area in the country and need not live near each other. A class action lawsuit may literally have hundreds of thousands of plaintiffs. These lawsuits typically involve consumer fraud, defective drugs, defective products, or defective medical devices.

Who are the Potential Defendants in a Class Action Pharmaceutical Lawsuit?

Although every case is different, the most common defendants in class-action pharmaceutical lawsuits include pharmaceutical companies, drug manufacturers, doctors, pharmacists, and healthcare facilities, such as hospitals.

What Types of Drugs are Currently the Subject of Class-action Pharmaceutical Lawsuits

At the present time, many drugs are being investigated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for safety, and some are currently the subject of pending class action pharmaceutical lawsuits. Some of the more common drugs which are currently under investigation (and which are the subject of pending class action lawsuits) include the following:

•     Abilify
•     Crestor
•     Depakote
•     Januvia
•     Lipitor
•     Nexium
•     Prilosec
•     Prozac
•     Viagra

What is the Basis for Class-action Pharmaceutical Lawsuits?

Class action pharmaceutical lawsuits are usually based upon a products liability claim. This means that the class action plaintiffs are typically claiming that one of the following defects existed:

  • Manufacturing defect (the product/drug was not properly manufactured)
  • Design defect (the product/drug was improperly designed)
  • Warning defect (the product/drug consumer was not properly warned of side effects or other harmful effects of the drug

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