“Thank you all for being so informative during this long process from beginning to end. Everyone I spoke with was extremely courteous and professional. Thank you again!”

Olga M.

“I appreciate all the time and effort that you put into this lawsuit for me and others. Thank you very much and I would recommend your law firm to anyone.”

John H.

“After all these years, I am thankful for all the hard work that McEwen Law Firm took to achieve any award for its clients. Again, thank you.”

Satisfied Client

“I hired Greg McEwen to represent my children for the damages caused by a harmful drug. Although the litigation took a long time, I was happy with his representation and the outcome of the lawsuit. I highly recommend Greg and his staff. They went to great lengths to make sure that our children’s futures would be secure. For parents who have children with special needs this is very important because you never know what type of expenses or issues they may encounter in the future.”

Diana S.

“I was flabbergasted at the timely correspondence throughout this effort, advising of each phase. Very professional.”

Sheryl C.

“I was so surprised at how smooth and efficient the payment process went. The communication with me was great and this could not have come in at a better time. I am so grateful for this law firm and how effective they work on getting the job done. Thank you.”

I. Vargas

“Never in a million years did I think I would find myself as a claimant in a product liability law suit. As a paralegal I knew I wanted someone who saw me as a person and not just another form, McEwen Law is that firm. I was never treated as a number, my emails and phone calls were answered promptly and Greg always kept me in the loop on my case. If you ever find yourself injured this is the firm you want representing you, they will go the extra mile and will not give up until an outcome is reached.”

AmandaJean B.

“Missy, I just really wanted to say thank you to you and Greg. I am so grateful for all the hard work you both put into my case. I have always felt like I have been in the best of hands and that the firm had my best interest in mind. As we’ve discussed before, it was never about the money to me and I would have been happy with whatever was granted to me. This is truly a wonderful blessing and I am very thankful and will be using it wisely to do some good, to take care of some immediate finance things, and to be setting up Derek and I to a comfortable future. Anyway, I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much I have appreciated all of this. Thank you for taking care of your clients the way that you do. I would not have wanted to work with any other firm. Please pass on my gratitude to Greg.”

Satisfied Client

“Thank you for being so nice and helping me out. I am very grateful for the information you could provide and am happy with the service.”

Rosa P.

“I just wanted to let you know that I received the final payout. I also wanted to thank you for all your hard work and for always getting back to me as soon as possible, especially towards the end when I know a lot of people had questions.”

Tabetha T.

“Thanks again, you have been a blessing, and so understanding. You are a great paralegal who is compassionate, and professional to all the clients.”

Leticia S.

“Thank you so much for all your hard work. I really appreciate everything. Although you can’t put a price on anyone’s life, I appreciate you all fighting for mine.”

Satisfied Client

“I just want to say thank you for all of your hard work and your communication with me through this process. It means SO MUCH to me.”

Ashlyn C.

“Dear Missy, Thanks for all your help and kindness during this difficult time. I couldn’t have managed the paperwork without you and the McEwen Law – cheers to health and happiness in 2016!!”

Alissa H.

“Hello Missy – Thank you of all of your assistance. I really appreciate everything you did. Best Regards,”

Elise S.

“Hi Melissa, Thank you so much for all your help with this. It was such a wonderful surprise to open my email and find the final check waiting! Thanks so much!”


“Amy, I called earlier but again wanted to send a fast note to say thank you to both you and the law firm.”

Natalie C.

“Dear Amy, Thanks so much for all of your help!”

G & L Bleakley

“Amy, Thank you for explaining the process, you are so informative and every time I call you answer my questions.”

R. Ingram

“I wanted to tell you guys thank you for such a wonderful experience with your firm.”

Mayda V.

“Greg and Arlene: Thank you so much for helping to make it possible for me to attend a college like Augsburg. Without the money you helped me win in my lawsuit, I never would have been able to afford tuition there, which would have made it difficult for me to have graduated from college as there are not many schools with programs in place to help students like me with physical disabilities. Thank you both so much for everything, it means the world to me to know that you care.”


“Greg, I want to thank you and Don and your entire staff for the work you did on behalf of myself and Bob. When we first met, you said you wanted to provide security for Bob. I certainly feel that you have done that. I know it wasn’t easy. Thank you for driving to Lakefield and helping us out. Bob just keeps on improving a little at a time. “He’s fishing now.” Mom is doing good. Bob says they’ll be some signing of some papers yet and I’ll be seeing you then but for now thank you.”


“Just a note to say thank you to each of you for everything you have done for Larry and I. Special thank you for every penny you got for us. We’re just old country farm folks so not used to having much. You guys are great!”

With special thanks,

Larry & Carol F.

Greg and Arlene,

“What a fantastic result! Thank you for all of your hard work. Enclosed please find the executed disbursal summary. Keep up the good work”

Amy S.

Dear Greg & Arlene,

“This is a long overdue thank you note. I always think I’m going to have more time tomorrow, but it doesn’t happen. Then I remember the check is our retirement fund. I want to thank you for the diligent effort to make things happier and I admire you for your strong beliefs and proceeding even though there were many ups and downs. I have alot of respect for you and your office staff. “

Thank you again,

Dave & Jan R.

“Thanks again for everything you have done for us. This has been a challenging time in our lives. Just knowing you were on our side, has made all the difference. “

Al & Julie B.

Dear Greg & Associates,

“We are sending yellow roses in loving memory of our mother and to thank you all for the great work you did for our family. Thanks again.”

The Gribbon Family

Dear Greg,

“Brian and I want to thank you again for taking on our case and for all your help. We appreciate all the time Kathleen and you put in on it. You both were so helpful and reassuring.”


Brian and Beverly S.

Dear Greg,

“I wanted to thank you and all of your associates for all the hard work in closing Doug’s case. I believe that God sent you to me because one day there you were. Thank you again from all of us.”


Darlene W.