5 Reasons to Hire a Defective Drug Lawyer

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No one should ever have to deal with the pain and other complications associated with taking a defective drug. Also, no one should have to go it alone when it comes to obtaining compensation from those responsible for your suffering. These kinds of cases are incredibly complex and require the help of a skilled defective drug lawyer. Hiring a seasoned legal representative will be your only chance of getting what you deserve.

The defective drug attorneys with McEwen Law Firm are ready to help in any way possible. We know how to handle all of the challenges that will be part of your case, and we know how to defeat the formidable opposition you’ll encounter. Our team has a great deal of experience in defective drug lawsuits, and we’re ready to put that knowledge to work for you.

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The following are just some of the many reasons you’ll need to hire a skilled defective drug lawyer as soon as you can.

1. Your Defective Drug Lawyer Will Ensure You Meet All Deadlines

No matter what type of defective drug has caused you harm, you’ll only have a certain amount of time to take legal action. Every claim has what’s known as a “statute of limitations.” This is simply a legal term that means you have to file a lawsuit within a defined timeframe. If you fail to meet that deadline, you’ll no longer be able to take any legal action.

But an attorney can do more than ensure you comply with the statute of limitations. Your lawsuit has several associated deadlines. For example, you’ll need to file specific documents at specific times. Your attorney will make sure you meet these deadlines.

2. Your Defective Drug Lawyer Will Communicate with Involved Parties on Your Behalf

Personal injury lawsuits typically require some sort of negotiation with the opposition. It’s in the best interests of both sides to do this in the name of efficiency as well as cost-effectiveness. It usually does neither party any good to drag things out because that usually makes it more expensive for all involved.

Communication is even more important in a defective drug lawsuit. Not only do both sides need to arrange meetings, they need to do this quite often – sometimes multiple times a week. An attorney will handle all of those meetings so you can focus on your recovery. You’ll never have to speak with any insurance company representative – not even an insurer’s lawyer – without having your own attorney by your side.

3. Your Defective Drug Lawyer Will Collect Evidence and Contact Experts

In order to win any kind of personal injury lawsuit, you’re going to need to provide solid evidence – you’ll not only need to show you’ve suffered harm, you’ll also have to prove the defendant was responsible for that harm. An attorney can conduct a thorough investigation in an effort to deliver that proof. If need be, your attorney will bring in expert witnesses to help prove the connection between your severe injuries and the manufacturer’s negligence.

Not only can a lawyer investigate your case, they can also determine exactly how much money to which you’re entitled. This can be a very time-consuming task, one that non-attorneys simply can’t do accurately.

You’ll recover “damages” if you’re successful in your case. The losses you’ve experienced, monetary or otherwise, result in damages. Certain types of damages are typically pretty easy to calculate, such as your medical bills and your lost wages. But there are others that aren’t so clear-cut. These are known as “non-economic” damages, such as pain and suffering, mental and emotional trauma, and more. It takes a great deal of skill in order to calculate those kinds of damages.

4. Your Defective Drug Lawyer Will Explain Legal Concepts and the Lawsuit Process

Defective drug lawsuits are, as stated earlier, extremely complex. Unless you have a great deal of familiarity with all of the legal terms and concepts and also an intimate knowledge of how this kind of lawsuit works, you’ll be lost. An attorney will keep you updated throughout the process and explain what’s going on in clear language – not legalese.

5. Your Defective Drug Lawyer Will Save You Time and Money

As referenced earlier, legal cases such as defective drug lawsuits involve an incredible amount of paperwork. There are a lot of forms that need to be filled out and a ton of documents that need to be produced. Non-attorneys have no idea of all the procedures that need to be followed. If they’re not, that could do a great deal of damage to your chances of obtaining compensation – it could even possibly lead to your case being thrown out entirely.

An attorney can take all of those burdens away so you can continue to focus on getting better. You also don’t have to worry about paying any money out of pocket since the McEwen Law Firm works on a contingency basis. That means you won’t pay a dime unless you win your case.

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You should never try to handle any sort of lawsuit without the help of an experienced attorney. At the McEwen Law Firm, our attorneys have extensive backgrounds in these kinds of lawsuits. We’ve helped our clients obtain significant compensation. We are very familiar with how to beat huge pharmaceutical companies, as well as their high-priced legal teams.

When you get in touch with us for a free consultation, we will listen carefully to all the details of your case and then closely work with you to determine the best course of action. Remember, filing a defective drug lawsuit isn’t just about you and the compensation you can receive. You’ll also be holding the pharmaceutical company accountable for its negligence. The changes they could make in an effort to avoid future litigation could help prevent someone else from being harmed.

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