How a Prescription Drug Lawsuit Works

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Billions of prescriptions are filled on an annual basis and even more types of medications are distributed to patients in hospitals and nursing homes daily in the United States. When a pharmaceutical manufacturer puts an unsafe drug on the market or fails to provide the necessary warnings for a particular drug, the harm caused to prescription drug users can be widespread. In many cases, injured drug users will take legal action against the manufacturer to seek compensation for their injury-related losses. The following is some brief information about the prescription drug lawsuit process.

Class Action Lawsuits

If you are the only one who has suffered a certain side effect of a drug, it can be difficult to prove that the drug itself was dangerous or defective and that it was not simply your biological reaction. In order to make a clear connection between a specific drug and a specific type of injury, you often need to prove that many different people suffered the same severe side effects. An experienced pharmaceutical attorney will know how to identify other victims of the drug that harmed you if possible.

Once you have a group, you can file a class action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company. This allows you to spread out the costs of litigation, as pharmaceutical companies will likely fight aggressively against liability. If you prevail, the proceeds of the lawsuit will also be spread among the class.

It is possible to file an individual lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company instead of a class action and a skilled lawyer will determine whether this is feasible in your scenario.

Presenting Evidence

Your attorney will need to present sufficient evidence to meet the burden of proof in your claims that the prescription drug led to your injuries. Evidence in such cases involves medical experts and researchers who can support the causal connection between the drug and the side effects. It is essential to have a law firm with the resources to present experts against those of the large pharmaceutical corporations.

If you prove your claim, you may be awarded damages for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, emotional distress, and more.

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