Have you or a loved one suffered from ovarian cancer or other serious health effects after using products containing talcum powder?

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Talc Powder Lawsuit

Talc is a possible carcinogen that when dusted on the genital area, may cause it to reach the ovaries and lead to ovarian cancer.  Studies found that women were up to 3 times more likely to develop ovarian cancer after using powders or feminine hygiene products containing talc.

According to the FDA cosmetic products and ingredients do not have to undergo FDA review or approval before they go on the market.  The products do have to be safe for use by consumers, however, the law does not require cosmetic companies to share safety information with the FDA.  With this, the FDA does monitor the market for potential safety problems with products and they take action when there are public health concerns.

There have been numerous amounts of women and families filing complaints in regards to Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder throughout the U.S.  These complaints and allegations are on the basis that the company failed to warn consumers about the risks associated with using talc-based powders and other products.  These allegations have led to a multi-district litigation case.

Ovarian Cancer from Talcum Powder Products

Using products that contain talcum powder for feminine hygiene purposes has been known to increase risk of ovarian cancer, mesothelioma, and other serious health issues including respiratory problems, lung cancer, Talcosis, Asthma, and Pneumonia.

Not all talcum powder products are cause for concern.  According to the FDA, the biggest cause for concern of talcum powder products causing cancer is due to asbestos.  This is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in close proximity to talcum in the earth.  This mineral is an actual known carcinogen and can potentially contaminate talc.  Dependent on the mining site and proximity of asbestos, talcum powder could contain harmful material.

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