Pharmaceutical Lawsuit FAQ

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Pharmaceutical Lawsuit Gavel

At McEwen Law Firm, we understand that the pharmaceutical lawsuit process can be complicated. Our experienced drug lawsuit attorney is dedicated to getting the best results for our clients. That’s why we want you to have all the relevant information you need about what you can expect from a drug lawsuit. Here is a list of common questions about the litigation process:

How do drug lawsuits work?

Once you decide to work with our firm, our lawyer will file the necessary paperwork against the defendant and begin the discovery period, during which both you and the defendant will be asked to provide as much information as possible relevant to the case. Often, a settlement might be reached near the end of the discovery period. If no settlement is reached, and the case goes through the complete trial process, it will receive a verdict from a jury, which could be appealed by the defendant.

How much will it cost to investigate my claim?

We provide free legal consultation, and the investigation process comes at no cost to you or your family. When you contact us about a claim, we will begin the investigation. After we have finished gathering all the necessary information, we will decide whether we can recommend filing a lawsuit.

How much will it cost to represent me?

The  McEwen Law Firm operates on a contingency basis and provide free legal consultation. This means that there is no financial risk for you or your family when filing a lawsuit. You don’t pay us any fees unless we get money for you.

What cases are you currently accepting?

We are currently representing people harmed by a variety of dangerous pharmaceuticals and medical devices. For a list of the types of cases we are accepting, please visit our Cases We Handle section.

How much can I expect to receive from my drug lawsuit?

The amount you receive from your lawsuit depends on a number of different factors. From the amount of damages you’ve personally suffered, to whether the case ends in a settlement or a jury verdict, it is difficult to say how much you might earn without first knowing the details of your specific case. To get a better idea about what to expect, please contact us and speak to our team of legal professionals.

How long can I wait to file my lawsuit?

Every case is different. However, there are certain legal time limitations on how long you can wait between the time you are harmed and the time you file a lawsuit. That’s why we advise you to contact us immediately so that we can evaluate your case before time runs out.

Can I file a pharmaceutical lawsuit on behalf of a deceased family member?

In many states, it is possible for a family member to file a wrongful death suit on behalf of a loved one. However, statutes of limitations restrict the amount of time you have to file your lawsuit, so it is best to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Who do I file my drug lawsuit against?

Some pharmaceutical lawsuit cases involve multiple corporations, pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical device companies. The McEwen Law Firm will be able to determine the appropriate defendants during the investigation of your case.

Will I have to testify at the trial?

In order to be as careful and thorough as possible, we prepare every drug lawsuit case as if we are going all the way to trial. However, many of our cases result in drug lawsuit settlements before going through the trial process. But, in the event that your case does go to trial, we are dedicated to making the experience as easy on you and your family as possible. Contact Us Today!