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Transvaginal Mesh is used by doctors to treat vaginal walls that have been severely damaged due to stress urinary incontinence (SUI) or pelvic organ prolapse (POP). However, over time there has been an increased rate of complications after surgery in those women that have received Transvaginal Mesh.

As a result of these complications, women have sought out attorneys to file Transvaginal Mesh lawsuits on their behalf. The complications that can result do compromise quality of life because the complications can be worse than the initial symptoms of organ prolapse or the issue that led to the surgery in the first place. In both 2008 and 2009, the FDA issued warnings about these complications.


One of the most common complications that have occurred with Transvaginal Mesh is the erosion of the mesh. This can lead to excruciating pain and incontinence, as well as a number of other issues. Those issues include:

· Infections

· Severe pain

· Pelvic organ prolapse reoccurs

· Stress urinary incontinence returns

· Erosion of vaginal epithelium

Unfortunately, these complications are not rare. As of 2008, the FDA stated that these complications were rare. Since then, their stance has changed due to the facts and figures. Out of 2,874 new reports of complications between January 2008 and December 2010, 1,503 of them were related to pelvic organ prolapse repair and 1,371 of them were for stress urinary incontinence.

The result of these complications is a compromised quality of life. The surgery was done in the first place to improve quality of life. While it may have worked well for a while, it ultimately failed.

Transvaginal Mesh Design

As it stands, the design of the surgical mesh is what has been blamed for the complications that women have experienced. The same was said of the ObTape Vaginal Sling that was removed from the market in 2006. Women were reporting impaired healing, urinary tract erosion, and a variety of other complications.

It is the revelation that the ObTape blocked the surrounding tissue from getting the oxygen and nutrients that it needed that led to its removal from the market. Now it is believed that Transvaginal Mesh behaves in the same way. Some of the complications are exactly the same as what had occurred with the ObTape.

Can You File A Lawsuit?

One of the questions that women who have experienced Transvaginal Mesh side effects have asked is whether or not they can file a Transvaginal Mesh lawsuit. The answer is “yes” if you or a loved one has experienced complications related to the mesh. To find out if you can file a lawsuit, call 1-800-732-3070 or fill out the contact form on this page to schedule a free case evaluation.