My Mesh Is Starting To Fail. What Should I Do?

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hernia mesh recall lawsuit

If you suspect that your hernia mesh is starting to fail, and you are suffering from serious side effects, then consulting with your doctor is the first thing that you should do. Your doctor can conduct an examination and determine what may be causing your problems.

If the root cause is hernia mesh failure, it might be time for you to consider filing a lawsuit. However, before filing your lawsuit, first there are three very important things that you need to do.

1. Check to See If You Are Eligible

Strict criteria have been put in place for who is able to file hernia mesh claims. However, if your case does not meet all of the requirements, then it is not likely that it will end up in court. Lawsuits at the moment only can be filed against the Atrium C-QUR or Ethicon Physiomesh.

There are two kinds of mesh that are different compared to the other kinds available in the market. They are made out of polypropylene with a special coated covering. These meshs’ were produced as a safer alternative. However, individuals have reported infections, chronic pain, and allergic reactions caused by them.

Contact your hospital or surgeon to ask which mesh product they used in your hernia repair.

The quickest way to determine whether or not you are eligible for filing a lawsuit is to consult with an experienced and qualified lawyer. We offer free consultations for hernia mesh cases. Talk to us so we can determine whether or not you can file for compensation.

2. Determine the Amount of Damage that the Hernia Mesh Has Caused

If you have a C-QUR or Physiomesh and are eligible, you can start to prepare your lawsuit. Prior to contacting a lawyer, try to determine the amount of damage that has been caused by the mesh – both physically and financially.

How much physical pain has been caused by the mesh?
Did you need to have corrective surgery done? How much did it cost?
Did you need to take time off of work? How much lost income have you suffered?
Will it be necessary to take more time off of work? What amount of income will you end up losing as a result?

All of the above information will help your lawyer calculate the amount of compensation you are eligible to claim.

3, Find the Best Hernia Mesh Lawyer to Handle Your Case

To increase the chances of your lawsuit succeeding, find an experienced and qualified lawyer who has worked for years on personal injury high profile cases. Do research to find an attorney who will fight for all that you deserve and who meets your needs.

Talk Today to an Experienced Attorney

Surgical meshes like C-QUR and Physiomesh are intended to help you. However, they have just ended up causing complications. That raises the question of whether meshes are actually causing more harm for hernia patients than good, and it isn’t fair that you should suffer.

Our legal team has represented people in Minnesota. We have worked on numerous high profile cases and assisted our clients to get the compensation that they deserve. Talk to us today so we can determine whether or not you are eligible for filing a hernia mesh lawsuit as well as the best way to proceed.