How Much is my Bair Hugger Case Worth?

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Bair Hugger Lawsuit

Corporate giant 3M has been manufacturing a product called the Bair Hugger warming blanket for years and marketing the product as safe for use. The blanket is used to stabilize a patient’s body temperature during surgery, which is beneficial for many reasons. However, instead of benefits, too many surgical patients have suffered serious injuries and losses due to the use of Bair Hugger warming blankets.

The blankets force warm air over the patient’s body and lawsuits filed by injured patients allege that the blankets encourage bacteria to surround the surgical site, which can lead to serious infection. Post-surgical infections can require extended hospitalization, additional surgeries, medications, and can even be fatal. If you have been injured by a Bair Hugger blanket, you have legal rights to hold 3M accountable for selling a dangerously-designed product. Many patients have already joined in a Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) case to mount a class action claim against 3M.

However, one of the most common questions we hear from potential plaintiffs in these cases is: What will my claim be worth?

Determining Damages

The above is a difficult question to answer as Bair Hugger litigation is relatively new. There is also no universal answer to this question because the value of a case is based on a specific plaintiff’s damages. For example, if your infection required a week-long hospital stay, your case would be worth less than if you required four additional surgeries and spent a month in the hospital, only to leave with permanent impairments. An experienced dangerous drug attorney can help you determine your damages.

Discuss Your Specific Case with an Experienced US Drug Lawsuit Attorney Today

The best way to determine potential recovery in a lawsuit against 3M is to consult with an experienced Bair Hugger attorney regarding the specific circumstances of your case and your personal losses. The US Drug Lawsuit team at the McEwen Law Firm is ready to skillfully help anyone who has been injured by this medical product or other dangerous pharmaceuticals. Call today 651-224-3833 to learn more.