How Long Should Elmiron Be Taken?

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For IC patients who start on an Elmiron regimen, it can take 3 to 5 months of continual treatment before seeing any obvious signs of relief.

A doctor should reassess a patient after the initial 3 months of use. Depending on how effective the drug is and the absence of any side effects, the doctor might recommended that Elmiron therapy be extended for an additional 3 to 6 months.

There are some patients who continue to use Elmiron for as many as 15 to 20 years or even longer.

It has been determined by researchers that using urinary drugs such as Elmiron long term might cause pigmentary Maculopathy, a degenerative eye disorder, that can result in blindness or loss of vision.

Elmiron was initially approved as an “orphan drug” in 1985 for treating interstitial cystitis. This chronic condition causes bladder pain and sometime pelvic pain that can be debilitating or severe. It is now believed that interstitial cystitis affects up to 1 million individuals in the United States, mainly women. Treating this condition is considered to be chronic or long-term. Your condition is controlled by Elmiron but it does not provide a cure.

As many as 25% of long-term users of Elmiron might have developed ocular damage. This can lead to blindness or vision loss. Some of the patients might have been diagnosed initially with a different vision disorder like pattern dystrophy or macular degeneration However, a closer examination might show that the problems they are having with their vision is associated with the chronic use of Elmiron.

Individuals who took Elmiron for more than 6 months and developed ocular damage, vision loss, or eye problems, might be eligible to receive compensation by filing an Elmiron vision loss lawsuit.

If Elmiron was prescribed to you and you have experienced retinal injury, reduced vision, Maculopathy, or other types of adverse side effects, then you might be eligible to file an Elmiron lawsuit..

Get in touch with an Elmiron vision loss attorney if you think you might be eligible for an Elmiron lawsuit.

It is also important to do everything you can to mitigate your injuries – seek medical help immediately, follow the orders given by your doctor, and if you are taking the drug still discuss discontinuing or substituting your Elmiron prescription.
To file an Elmiron lawsuit, the first step that you need to take is to become familiar with the civil lawsuit process and be aware of all of the steps that are involved in Elmiron lawsuits.

An Elmiron vision loss attorney can help you collect evidence that supports the claims of your Elmiron lawsuit. They can also help to determine liability. That will likely be the manufacturer. In numerous liability lawsuits, a claim will be made by the injured party for both compensatory damages and punitive damages for the injuries they have sustained.

Your Elmiron vision loss attorney will work hard to obtain compensation for your loss by way of an Elmiron lawsuit verdict or settlement. The statute of limitations in your state will determine how much time you have to take legal action once your injuries were first discovered or developed, so make sure to contact an Elmiron vision loss attorney right away.