Failure to Test Product Leads to Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits

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New reports have indicated that the main problems associated with vaginal mesh products stem from incorrect testing and trials by manufacturers. Vaginal mesh products have only been on the market for a short period of time but hundreds of thousands of women have used the product. In 2010 there was an estimated 300,000 women that were fitted with a transvaginal mesh product. In 2011 vaginal mesh products were recalled by the FDA when studies indicated the risks of the product. Companies such as Ethicon, Bard Inc. and the American Medical Systems failed to test the product before putting it on the shelves.

Vaginal mesh products are designed to prevent pelvic organ prolapse that often occurs after pregnancy, labor or menopause. The product is inserted into the vagina in order to provide support for the weakened pelvic muscles and help with prolapse and urinary contingence. While surgical mesh products have been used since the 1950’s, they were inserted into the abdominal area, not the vagina.

However, recent reports have indicated that companies such as Bard and Ethicon failed to provide adequate testing of the product. Because the abdominal mesh products have been effective, the companies believed that there was no real need to provide adequate testing and trials of the vaginal mesh options before releasing the product to the public. Vaginal mesh products have led to serious issues with erosion which can result in permanent damage to the organs, infertility and the need for several surgeries to correct the problem.

Because of the magnitude of the problem and the number of vaginal mesh lawsuits being filed across the country, there has been a multidistrict litigation assigned to those that have suffered. The trial is set to take place later on this year and incorporates products by five of the main manufacturers – Ethicon, Bard Inc., Boston Scientific, Coloplast and American Medical Systems. There are also individual lawsuits heading to trial.

There have been a few trials of vaginal mesh products already. A woman from South Dakota has recently received a $3.35 million payout by Ethicon after she was inserted with a vaginal mesh product in 2006 and has undergone 18 different surgeries to correct the pain and problems. Another plaintiff from New Jersey received an $11 million payout from the damaged caused.

It is not too late to act. If you have experienced erosion from a vaginal mesh product, then you may be eligible to file a claim against the manufacturer in either a class action or individual vaginal mesh lawsuit.

Vaginal mesh lawsuits are being filed against several different manufacturers and several different vaginal mesh and pelvic mesh products. These include Bard Inc., Boston Scientific, Coloplast, Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon Gynecare, American Medical Systems and Mentor.

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