Ethicon Gynecare Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit

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Untitled-2Ethicon Gynecare is one of the leading companies that manufacturer surgical mesh devices used to treat pelvic organ prolapse in women. However, these products are currently under legal scrutiny for the irreversible damage that they can cause. Lawyers across the country are currently meeting with women that have experienced a vaginal mesh complication to discuss their rights to file an Ethicon Gynecare transvaginal mesh lawsuit.

Complications of Transvaginal Mesh Implants

Surgical mesh products have been used since the 1950’s to treat hernias in the abdomen. With very little side effects and complications, manufacturers decided to design woven mesh products to be inserted into the vagina to prevent pelvic organ prolapse. While in theory the system sounded fool proof, there was very little testing to confirm that this was safe. It was only after the product had been on the market for several years that the FDA issued a public safety warning addressing the risks.

All medical manufacturers have a legal responsibility to properly test their products and to advise of any complications and risks to doctors and patients. Ethicon Gynecare as well as other manufacturers of vaginal mesh products failed to do this. Because of this, Ethicon Gynecare is legally responsible to pay for any damages their defective product has caused. There are over 300,000 women that were fitted with a surgical mesh device in 2010 alone.

Legal Help is Available

The complications of transvaginal mesh products such as the ones manufactured by Ethicon Gynecare can come with irreversible damage. Even with several corrective surgeries, there is a chance that the damage is too great. Some of the complications that are most worrying about transvaginal mesh products include:

  • Erosion of the product into the vaginal walls.
  • Perforation of the organs
  • Vaginal scarring, infection, bleeding and discharge
  • Pain

Many of these complications arise within the first year that the product is inserted and can impact the rest of your life. You may have trouble performing regular activities and experience pain and embarrassment on a regular basis. You may be unable to have sexual intercourse and you may find that the complications make every day activities hard to enjoy. It is not fair that you should suffer from this due to someone else’s neglect.

Filing a Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

Know your legal rights. Contact a lawyer about filing an Ethicon Gynecare transvaginal mesh lawsuit. Our lawyers are currently meeting with women that have experienced a vaginal mesh complication. We offer compassion and confidentiality as well as no legal fees to pay unless you win your case. Women across the country have already been rewarded with millions of dollars for their suffering through individual Ethicon Gynecare vaginal mesh lawsuits and class action lawsuits are also being filed at this time as well. Please contact our 24 hour hotline at 1-800-732-3070 or fill in a form on the side of this page.