When to Call an Attorney after an Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

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Learning that you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer can be a devastating moment in your life. Your head will likely be filled with a wide variety of concerns – What treatment will you need? How much will it cost? Will you lose your hair? Will you be able to work? Will you need surgery? Will you survive? In the midst of all of these swirling uncertainties and emotions, it is not surprising that calling an attorney may not be high on your priority list or may never even cross your mind.

However, in some cases of ovarian cancer, calling an attorney may be critical for patients. Under certain circumstances, you may hold another party responsible for the costs of your treatment, lost income, pain and suffering, and more. It is important to consider when to discuss your situation with an experienced injury lawyer after learning that you have ovarian cancer.

Did You Use Talcum Powder Regularly?

Many women have been using talc-based powders for years or even decades to help with feminine hygiene. Some women learned as young girls to put Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder or after-shower powder in their underwear or on their genital area to prevent odors and maintain dryness. Unfortunately, regular use of these seemingly harmless products has been linked with the development of ovarian cancer.

Clearly, not every case of ovarian cancer will be linked with talcum powder, even if you have used these products in the past. For example, if your use of talc-based products was sporadic, there may not be sufficient proof that the talc was actually a cause of your ovarian cancer development. In addition, if you have elevated genetic risks of ovarian cancer, such as the BRCA1 and/or BRCA2 mutations,2 is may be arguable that you already had the high risk of ovarian cancer and use of talc would not have increased those risks significantly. However, while there are many variables to determine whether you have a case, it is always worth it to call an attorney for a free consultation.

Call a Talcum Powder Lawsuit Attorney for More Information about a Possible Claim Today

If you used talc products and learn you have ovarian cancer, you should most certainly discuss a possible case with a highly experienced talc lawsuit attorney. An attorney will listen to the details of your situation and will evaluate whether you have a valid claim. Please call McEwen Law Firm – US Drug Lawsuit at 651-224-3833 for help today.